Internally driven projects

As a contrast to a traditional consultant assignment at customers we are running a couple of internal projects. The projects give us as a company the possibility to work together towards a common goal, something that otherwise could be hard for a consultant company to accomplish.

For example a couple of our engineers are currently working full time with an agile software development project within the automotive industry. The project is ordered by a customer but is driven by Acumis in our facilities.

An other project that we are part of is Folding@Home. Folding@Home is a research project from Stanford University. Read more about this initiative below.

Besides the software development project and Folding@Home, Acumis Minds is cooperating with Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg in a project called Matix. To read more about Matix, go to



The COVID-19 virus came as a chock to the world during the beginning of year 2020. Researchers all over the world are working hard to find a vaccine that can ease the effects of the virus.

We at Acumis would obviously want to contribute to the research in the way we can. Therefore, we have joined an initiative from Stanford University called Folding@Home where users all over the world can contribute with processor capacity to perform heavy calculations within medical research.

Besides COVID-19 the calculations are used to do research on, among other things, cancer and alzheimer's disease.

Read more about Folding@Home on:

Statistics about the contribution from the Acumis team can be seen at: