Team spirit

Acumis Minds is all about human relations. A central part of who we are is to develop together with our colleagues and be part of something bigger. To be able to build a strong community with trust and a feeling of home our calendar is swamped with activities and events, large and small, all year round.

The weekly lunches provide the co-workers with a possibility to meet their colleagues quickly during a nice meal whereas our monthly activities open up for deeper connections. Some examples of what we have done before is gocart, climbing, canoe paddling and cooking. We also have as a tradition to visit the archipelago once every summer.

Besides lunches and monthly activities, we plan one or two trips every year. These trips are well appreciated and leads to great memories!

Work with us

Do you wish to be part of a community where new things are developed in an environment where you and your colleagues feel at home? You can choose what suites you from beneficial packages and among exciting assignments.

We are the small company with the big heart and are looking for you who are a clever and ambitious and that thinks that team spirit is important.

Are you interested and what to know more? Contact us through the contact page.